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Our Tutors Come to You 
     At Home, in the Facility or at the Library

Mission & Vision

Success4Life will provide the opportunity for our clients to be  successful in earning their GED and/or HS Diploma along with providing them the tools to excel and become lifelong learners.

Success4Life understand the uniqueness of each student and how that relates to their academic success and their success for Life.

Success4Life provides every youth dynamic learning opportunities by creating and delivering exceptional instruction to help them meet all of their academic needs.



Approaches to Learning

We understand that all students have a different learning style. We also understand the difficulties that come with the populations that we work with. At Success4Life we have years of experience working with this population and have had many successes. Every Student has different needs and we plan to meet each student where they are at and help them move forward.

We Will 
Come to Your Location

Success4Life will come to you. Whether it's the facility you are in, your home or the local library.  Success4Life will be there. Success4Life will provide all materials that are needed to help you become successful.  All of our tutors at Success4Life have had extensive background checks completed and are highly qualified. We are Currently offering services in Colorado and New York. 

Every youth's tutoring session will be individualized per that youth. These plans will be discussed with the youth, Behavioral Health Specialist, parents, and client managers. An individualized monthly report will go out to the client managers updating them on what has taken place and what needs to be worked on. Pre-assessments will be utilized to determine what youth needs in order for them to be successful on their GED & all other Educational needs. 

​Learning ​
GED and
Test Prep

Colorado will soon have three options available for youth and adults to earn their high school equivalency diploma. Success4Life tutors in all high school equivalency options.


"How nice to see you all team building! Thanks for all the great work you do within juvenile detention. Your efforts have supported multiple high school graduations, successful regents exams and GEDs this year. Tracie-Ann, Nigel, Cheryl and Team, your presence and partnership with NYC Administration for Children Services, Stephanie Dueno, makes a huge difference. Looking forward to engaging our Horizon College Hall this summer, as they participate in Manhattan College Criminal Justice Ethics Course. "

~ Jennifer Neal Clark, Esq.

"One of the best tutoring supports I have worked with. My clients have all passed their GED's with the support of Succes4Life. The youth have liked the one-on-one tutoring and attention they got and were able to learn in their own ways. Flexible and reliable. Great service, professional and friendly."

~ Stephanie F. Client Manager

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