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Wisconsin Youth Specialists:
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Ms. Kittrel Williams 

Kittrel Williams is a dedicated student of Psychology and strong advocate of neurodivergence, specifically for Autism and other behavioral conditions. With an interdisciplinary background of a Bachelors of Psychology and Archaeology, fieldwork with Easter Seals Respite of Wisconsin as an Autism Counselor and a Special Education Paraprofessional, Kittrel makes an excellent addition to our team. By providing the much needed, and often misunderstood insight into the neurodivergent mind, at-risk youth and their caregivers can find solace in receiving services that are catered to them without judgment or stigma.



During her time as a Special Education Paraprofessional, Kittrel worked at a transitory school for at-risk youth, grades 9 - 12 in Minnesota. There, she worked with a largely multi-cultural population of students who had a record; here however, students were given a second chance to get their GED and reintegrate themselves back into society.



This is precisely Kittrel’s goal and contribution to Success4Life Tutoring Services. In addition to her Psychology and Special Education background, as a Youth Specialist she determined to provide all youth a second chance at success; specifically those with Autism and/or related conditions.

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Ms. Destiny Clark 

From adolescence, Destiny saw herself working to support youth in a meaningful way. With a passion for youth, social justice, and education, she found herself pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse (UWL). During this time, Destiny worked as a behavior technician, primarily supporting youth diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Destiny also participated in the McNair Scholars Program and began to research under her mentor, Dr. Betty DeBoer. Destiny's research aimed to understand how trauma-informed care training impacts educator's practices.


After graduating, Destiny continued to work as a behavior technician, but moved into a role that supported young adults working towards independence. During this time, Destiny applied and was accepted into UWL's School Psychology Graduate Program. She continued her research into educator's practices; this time focusing on educator's knowledge, understanding, and use of fostering student's self-determination in the classroom. Destiny is now a school psychologist working at 2 high schools in central Wisconsin, where she continues to advocate for trauma-informed practices and building student's self-determination. Destiny is thrilled to be working with Success4Life to continue working to support at-risk youth in their communities.

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Ms. Ireland Andre

Ireland graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a degree in Psychology along with a minor in At-Risk Child and Youth Care, Sociology, and Criminology. She is also currently pursing her Master’s degree in Teaching with a K-6 Licensure. She has experience in teaching and working with all different age groups and populations of children. Along with this, she worked as a Rehabilitation Specialist in the Career Services department at Vincent House. Vincent House’s mission is to assist, promote, and celebrate individuals recovering from a mental illness in their effort to improve social and vocational skills, and become employed in the community. During this time she was committed to helping members achieve their personal and vocational goals and consistently went above and beyond to ensure that each member received the personalized care they needed to succeed. As a job coach, Ireland was always able to think “outside the box” when members were struggling, helping them identify their needs and working side by side with them to break those barriers and ensure their success on the job. With this being said, it is clear she has a passion and a drive to help others and will always go the extra mile to do so. Her education and experience will directly impact and benefit her work as a Lead Youth Specialist.

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