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L. Sutherland.  - Director of Educational Operations

She began her career as a NY High School Teacher. She worked with young children, adolescents, and adults during her fifteen years as a teacher. Then decided to use her degree in the field of education and love of culture to support those with less opportunities. This brought her to volunteer in over five different countries, implementing programs globally for many including the deaf, mute and students with learning disabilities. Returning to NY during the pandemic allowed her to switch focus to youth in her community. She noticed a critical need to encourage personal and academic progress in detention and once introduced to the mission of Success4Life, eagerly took the role as tutor, as it piloted in NY.


"While engaging with students both in Public Education and in Facilities, one thing strikes me: continuous support builds confidence, in turn breeds a drive for self-improvement. Many students prefer one on one instruction but have limited access to it and barely see their own potential. Every day there is a chance to remind youth of their aptitude and supplying a doorway to a new educational opportunity. It’s with high approbation to direct tutors with the same outlook to the many youths who desire this growth." 


C. Reid - Assistant Director

Hello, my name is Cheryl. Growing up in diverse Brooklyn and being hungry for the world has nurtured my desire to be exposed to a variety of cultures and backgrounds. These interests have inspired my studies of TESOL methodology and youth counseling. From one-on-one tutoring to assisting ESL immigrants, my priority is making each person feel seen and inspired. The youth we assist often feel like just another number in the system, but tutoring gives them a chance to be an individual. Once they see that their personal successes really do matter, they are inspired to work harder. Working with our amazing team at S4L accomplishes that and helps me give back to the community I came from. 


O. Rodriguez - Project Manager

Hello, I grew up in East New York, Brooklyn.  Facing many challenges as a youth in East New York, made me realize how important it is to make myself available for youths,  The struggles youths face today can be cared for with some love and assistance. Having a BA in Math and extensive teaching and tutoring experience has equipped me with the privilege to help the youth.  I enjoy this fulfilling work. It gives me great pleasure to give back to my community as a tutor and mentor for Success4life.


C. Thomas  - Lead Analyst

My college background is in Biology and BioChemistry, with advanced courses in Microsoft Office, Computer Science and Mathematics. Upon graduation, I worked for 15 years as a Paralegal in Mass Tort litigation. There, structure and organization were essential in handling my responsibilities, and I greatly appreciated how using data analytics improved work efficiency, showcased productivity, and guided overall project direction.


Additionally, I pursued my love of technology, namely web design, digital marketing and programming. This, along with a supplemental TESOL certification, has allowed me to serve on various technical teams designing commercial website interfaces, as well as creating and narrating educational video tutorials. 


I am excited to use my skills to further the interests of Success4Life and help fulfill the mission of serving our youth.

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