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Chad J. Ducklow

Began his career as a Child Protection Social Worker. Chad worked with young children, adolescents, and adults during his ten years as a Social Worker. He then decided to obtain Master's degrees in the field of education. Chad taught for 6 years and then became an Administrator at Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center for 3 years. Chad helped create the GED testing center at Lookout and is a Certified Proctor. Chad has many years providing both one on one instruction as well as whole class instruction. 


"As both a Social Worker and Educator, I could see that many students benefit from one on one instruction. While working with students both in Public Education and in Facilities, I could see that obtaining one on one instruction to obtain their GED or to increase their K-12 academic awareness was extremely important to them. I started Success4Life to help them reach this goal." 


                  ~ Chad J. Ducklow

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