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In the Classroom

Success4Life works collaboratively with Client Managers and/or guardian to determine the need of youth in regards to successful completion of their GED or school content area. 

How does Success4Life work?

Success4Life tutors are highly qualified in all 4 content areas including GED, ACT, and SAT test prep. All of our tutors specialize in working with Adjudicated and At-Risk Youth

What can students get help with?

Youth's client manager or guardian contacts Success4Life to schedule tutoring sessions for their student.

How do I get a tutor?
Will  Success4Life tutors work with adjudicated youth in detention facilities?

Yes, a large percentage of the client we serve and in facilities. Our tutors have completed all the required screening to enter the facilities. 

Success4Life pairs up the best tutor for their needs. Once a tutor is assigned he/she will continue to work with his/her student as long as everyone believes it is a good fit. 

Can a Student choose to work with the same tutor again?

Each session is scheduled for 2 hours. During the first 30 minutes of the session all information will be reviewed from the previous session. 

Can I review my previous sessions?
What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?

Time needed is based on each student's individual needs. 

What happens if the youth doesn't pass the GED?

The student will continue to work with their tutor and focus on the areas of content needed to pass successfully.

How often do most students meet with their tutor?

Most students meet with a Tutor for two hours twice a week, for a total of four hours. We see very positive results with this structure. However, schedules can be customized to fit the needs of the situation.

Does the Tutor transition with the youth when they leave the facility? 

Yes. We know that trust and familiarity are important to  student success and when the student leaves the facility they with have the opportunity to continue working with their  trusted tutor. 

What are Success4Life's business hours?

We understand that tutoring needs to be convinient to schedules in order to be effective. We provide tutoring session to fit different schedule needs. We tutor mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Which areas of Colorado does Success4Life provide services?

Success4Life serves students in the entire state of Colorado. We have Qualified tutors all up an down the Front Range, Northern Colorado, mountains areas, the Western Slope and Southern Colorado

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