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Success4Life Tutors:

AUDRA PARKER - Southern Region

Audra is an experienced special education teacher in Colorado Springs. Over the last 10 years, she helped students reach their educational goals through small group and 1:1 instruction, addressing individual academic needs in dynamic environments. In addition to teaching, Audra is involved in disability advocacy, including serving as President of the non-profit Autism & Asperger Connections. Audra earned a B.S. in History (Northern Arizona University) and an M.A. in Special Education (University of Colorado). Audra is drawn to helping others achieve their goals and is looking forward to working as a Success4Life tutor.

Amy Flickiengrer.jpg

AMY FLICKINGER - Southern Region

Amy has 7 years of professional education experience in the Chicagoland area. Her experience consists of teaching middle school Language Arts, ESL Adult Education courses at the local community college, and homebound tutoring. Amy has also earned her BA in elementary education with an endorsement in ESL, as well as her Master's in Education of Literacy. She also has a background in serving in her church and traveling to other countries to build schools and wells so that all students worldwide have access to education and clean drinking water. Amy's professional and personal experiences have allowed her to teach and structure lessons to cater to each individual student's learning style. She truly has a heart for others and will go above and beyond to reach each student. Amy feels that she can make a difference on the Success4Life team.


CHARITY HENSLEY - Southern Region

Charity has been a teacher in Harrison School District 2 for 5 years now. The first 2 years were as a Reading Interventionist the last 3 have been as a Special Education teacher, working with elementary students who have social/emotional needs.

Originally from Indiana and has been residing in Colorado for 19 years. Before becoming a teacher, she worked for 20 years in business and retail management. She decided to become a teacher to help shape the future of our country and the world and discovered once she started teaching that her heart belonged with those children that so many had given up on, the ones who are hurting and need to know unconditional love and acceptance before they can learn to read, write, add and subtract.

Coleen Parker Photo (1 of 1).jpg

COLEEN PARKER - Southern Region

Coleen has spent the last several years in a variety of positions, including teaching writing for a newswire, working in a university disability services office, and working in different levels of government. Her experience brought her to wanting to help lift others up. Growing up with a teacher, she has access to a variety of teaching methods and a passion for education. Coleen has a Bachelor of Science in International Relations. She also speaks Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic with varying degrees of fluency.


JENNIFER SCOTT - Southern Region


Jennifer has been teaching professionally for 4 years in the city of Pueblo. Her experience consists of teaching middle school Mathematics for the past four years and tutoring math at the local university. Jennifer earned her BS in Mathematics with Secondary Education certification and will be completing her Master's of Education in Instructional Design this summer. Her love for teaching began far before her adult years beginning with teaching swimming and dance lessons in high school and she continues to coach dance at her middle school. Her experience in many different learning environments has given her the tools and skills to help every learner succeed. Jennifer is excited to be on the Success4Life team and is looking forward to helping each person achieve their personal goals.

Trusan Black Shirt.jpeg

TRUSAN COMSTOCK - ServSafe - Central & Southern Region

Trusan has been involved in the culinary world for over 30 years as a professional chef, instructor, and caterer. For the past three years Trusan has been a Culinary and ServSafe Instructor in a Juvenile Correction Facility As a ServSafe® Certified instructor, Chef Trusan expertly guides students through ServSafe courses. Trusan is looking forward in his role with Success4Life and to continue to help youth become ServSafe Certified. 

William Woodall_edited.jpg

WILLIAM WOODALL -  Southern Region, Lamar

William is an experienced educator who has taught science, history, and life skills for several years in Southeast Colorado.  After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Education from Henderson State University in Arkansas, William taught English in Russia for a time and then worked in the private sector as a real estate developer for several years before moving to Colorado in 2015.  Since that time, he has worked with a diverse group of students from many different backgrounds and ability levels and has truly come to appreciate how much every student has to offer.  Aside from his work as a teacher, William is also a published author and a licensed foster parent.  Some of his favorite activities include fishing, writing, and spending time with his children in the great outdoors.  

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