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Daily Living Skills
Training (CRTSW Services)

Daily living skills training services provide education and skill development or training to support the participant’s ability to independently perform routine daily activities and effectively use community resources. 

These instructional services, provided by qualified professionals, focus on skill development. Educational or training services that are of a direct benefit to the participant may be included. Daily living skills training is not intended to provide substitute task performance. 


Examples of skill development training covered by this service are (examples are illustrative only and not an exhaustive list):

  • Personal hygiene

  • Food preparation

  • Home upkeep and maintenance

  • Money management 

  • Accessing and using community resources

  • Community mobility

  • Computer and technology usage

  • Driving evaluation lessons and other related fees 

  • Public transportation access and usage

  • Extra Sessions will be  arranged on an hourly basis.


If more hours are needed, these will be arranged with student's client manager, educational coordinator and/or guardians.  

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