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Success4Life Tutors:
CENTRAL REGION - Denver Metro Area

OZY ALOZIEM -  Central Region

Ozy has worked as a tutor for the last 8 years serving a wide demographic of students. She has experience working with refugee and immigrant populations, students from low SES and underrepresented backgrounds, at-risk communities, students with learning disabilities, college students and professionals. Ozy’s tutoring background includes Math (elementary-Algebra 2), Science (elementary-Chemistry 1), Social Studies, Creative Writing, Language Arts, and Cultural Competency training.  With degrees in Psychology and Anthropology from Creighton University, Ozy is passionate about social justice theory and the importance of education. Her research has taken her to countries like the Dominican Republic, Uganda and Rwanda where she has been able to observe first-hand the different ways education and learning are approached cross-culturally. In 2015 she became a Denver Math Fellow, a program intended to close the opportunity gap by providing small group math instruction for students in order to accelerate their academic growth in preparation for college and future careers. Her long-term goal is to obtain a PhD in social work to ultimately become a professor of multicultural studies and issues of inequality. 

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KAHLEA HUNT-KHABIR - Central Region 

Kahlea is a graduate student studying Higher Education in the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver. She graduated from Colorado State University in 2017 where she received her bachelor's degrees in Ethnic Studies and General Sociology. She took a year off honing in on her research skills working as a Research Assistant on the Champions Project: The State for Black Boys in Education in Jamaica, the United States and the United Kingdom with Dr. Saran Stewart. As well as working for the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Her research focus thus far explores the inequalities for Black girls and Women throughout their educational journeys from a comparative international education standpoint. Specifically, working on how to create and maintain equitable educational spaces. She spent half of her senior year in Brazil producing an Autoethnography titled Black + Woman in Brazil the Search for Inclusion & Representation, which was recently featured in the Special Issue: Envisioning Future Education, Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean.

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GINA BOLLITO - Central Region

Gina Bollito has a B.A. in Communication Sciences & Disorders and Spanish from Saint Xavier University. Over the past several years Gina has worked as an academic tutor for children and adults from a variety of ability levels and backgrounds. Her values of respect, integrity, and grit are at the forefront of each tutoring session. She believes in cultivating a growth mindset while helping students achieve their goals. Gina is excited to bring her optimism and energy from Chicago to the people of Denver and Success4Life.

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TRUSAN COMSTOCK - ServSafe - Central & Southern Region

Trusan has been involved in the culinary world for over 30 years as a professional chef, instructor, and caterer. For the past three years Trusan has been a Culinary and ServSafe Instructor in a Juvenile Correction Facility As a ServSafe® Certified instructor, Chef Trusan expertly guides students through ServSafe courses. Trusan is looking forward in his role with Success4Life and to continue to help youth become ServSafe Certified. 

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Maranda earned a Master of Science in Bioinformatics from Northeastern University in 2016. She worked in Medical Research as a Bioinformatician before deciding to follow her true passion for teaching. She has over seven years of professional tutoring and group leadership experience and looks forward to using her background in math and science to help others. Maranda is excited to be part of Success4Life's team! 

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Dorothy graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering and has been involved in educating children on a volunteer basis in past years. Se wants to use her skills, specifically math, to help educate children within the community and is looking forward to continuing to help kids on their journeys to success. Dorothy is excited to be part of the Success4Life team.   


HARRISON LEONE - Central Region


Harrison has an eclectic background as an educator. He has taught students between the ages of 5-20, in both one-on-one and classroom settings, in a wide range of subjects. He has been a teacher and a tutor in Honduras and Hungary, and hopes to bring his diverse collection of academic experiences to serve the Denver metro area. Harrison earned his B.A. in History (St. Bonaventure University) and M.A. in International Relations (Central European University). He loves working with others to achieve their goals and considers education the surest path to both professional and personal development.

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KATHRYN McCAULEY - Central Region

Kathryn McCauley recently graduated with a bachelor’s of science in agricultural communications from Texas Tech University. She is currently working on obtaining a master’s degree in International & Intercultural Communication from the University of Denver. In her spare time she loves reading, learning new languages, and trying to keep her houseplants alive. While receiving her bachelor’s degree, Kathryn specialized in tutoring writing and tutoring students with learning disabilities. She is excited to be a part of the Success4Life team where she can combine her love of learning with her heart for people.


IMAN K. MOHAMED - Central Region

Iman received her B.A. in Ethnic Studies from CU Denver. Her educational experiences including tutoring chemistry at the collegiate level, high school students through the AVID program, and middle school/high school students in the African community in Denver. As an African immigrant, Iman understands the adversity and obstacles that many in the African or immigrant community undergo and live. She uses that knowledge to give back and better the community through service and education. She enjoys connecting under-resourced communities with the tools they need to improve their quality of life and achieve their goals. Success4Life falls directly in line with her values and aspirations to contribute to a positive effort. That being said, she is beyond excited to join the Success4Life team and looks forward to helping youth work towards a successful future. 


BEN NEESER -  Central Region

Ben has worked as a tutor off and on over the course of his career in a variety of settings, working with individuals from across a broad spectrum of backgrounds. Ben has experience working with non-native English speakers, at-risk communities, professionals, academics, people from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds, and more. Originally trained as a peer writing tutor while an undergraduate, Ben has over five years experience working in university tutoring centers (University of Wisconsin – River Falls, University of Minnesota). Ben has also operated a technology-driven writing center and provided one-on-one tutoring in language arts and social studies to junior high - university level students. For the past ten years, Ben has worked in higher education (University of Minnesota and the University of Colorado Boulder) with primary experience in content creation, writing, editing, and message development

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MERIELLE REDWINE - Central  Region

Merielle Redwine has a bachelor's in mathematics as well as a range of teaching experience involving people of all ages, levels, and backgrounds. She taught English to Chinese children, tutored incoming college students to help prepare them for placent exams, taught kids church, and worked with special needs adults as a life skills support staff. In every situation, her teaching philosophy remains to help students gain confidence in their abilities. Throughout college, she volunteered in research labs that focused on a variety of areas such as psychology, cardiology, computer programming, and genetics. 



Gabriella has over 30 years in the educational field and believes education is the foundation of a successful life. She has her Bachelor of Science from Regis University and has been working towards her Master of Education at Regis.  She has taught all levels from preschooler to high school here in Colorado and California. She also has extensive experience working with adjudicated youth. Gabriella is excited to be part of the Success4Life team! 

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SHEILA SMYTH - Central Region


Sheila’s love of tutoring includes teaching students diverse in age, background, culture, and special needs. She has worked as an educator in Eastern Tibet, China, California, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Colorado, Florida, and has just recently returned to the state she calls home- Colorado. She has tutored a wide range of subjects including Reading Comprehension, ESL, Language Arts, Handwriting, Cognition Skills, standardized test-prep. (ACT, SAT, GED, state exams), and developed the curricula for the Language Arts component of homeschooled students (grades 4-9). Her work with Kosovar families during Operation Refuge in NJ, led her to work with Asian refugees in D.C. Working with disenfranchised youth led her to the completion of a MAED/Special Needs from the University of Phoenix, and an AAC certificate from the ADD Coach Academy. Sheila believes that an individualized approach to tutoring includes empowering students to use their uniqueness as strengths. Success4Life and Sheila’s values are aligned: she’s thrilled to be a part of such a distinguished team of professionals.


AMY TWARDOWSKI  -  Central Region


Amy is a trained educator with 14 years of experience in the education field. She has served in a variety of roles including elementary teacher, special education teacher, assistant principal, and now interventionist.  She was born and raised in Chicago and achieved her M.Ed. degree in Reading and Learning Disabilities. Amy has committed her career to urban education supporting at-risk students in a variety of charter and public schools in Chicago and now Denver.  Amy feels passionately about literacy and the power of reading to invoke positive change in the world.  She hopes to help students cultivate a growth mindset that will help them achieve their goals.

Irena Subotic

IRENA SUBOTIC - Central Region

Irena recently graduated with a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She attended the University of Colorado at Denver where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology. She has been working with at-risk youth in some capacity for almost ten years. She also has experience as a reading and writing tutor with elementary aged youth. Irena finds great value in helping at-risk youth further their education, alongside engaging youth and creating a comfortable and safe environment for them to learn in. Irena is excited to be part of the Success4Life team. 


LAREN TANNER - Central Region 

Laren's background includes a BA in psychology from the University of Central Florida. While in Florida she taught biology and algebra at title one high schools. Before teaching I spent a year as a classroom aide in a high school algebra classroom working specifically with at risk youth to ensure they passed their end of year exams and completed graduation requirements outside the classroom.

Laren is excited to be part of the Success4Life team. 


HANNAH WHALEN -  Central Region

Hannah is a trained educator, with over 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience. She achieved her B.A. degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. With a heart to work with at-risk youth, she has spent her career working with them in a variety of settings. Hannah strives to provide dynamic instruction that will accommodate a pupil’s needs and inspire students to believe in themselves.  In addition to teaching and tutoring, she is a part-time wri


ANDREW WILLETT - Central Region


Andrew received degrees in Neuroscience and Spanish from Saint Louis University. He has a diverse array of experiences in the education sector ranging from working as a university teacher's assistant for a biology lecture to providing one-on-one academic instruction for youth between the ages of 8 and 18. His original training in the biological sciences combined with his passion for culture and language allow him to connect with a variety of students on a variety of topics. 


Andrew believes that all students from all walks of life have the potential to succeed. Each and every student has his or her own way of thinking and interacting with the world. When channeling that energy in the correct direction, anything is possible. 

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SARAH LEADER - Central Region

Sarah comes from a family of educators, thus teaching and motivating others has always been her passion from an early age! Sarah has been teaching for 8 years in a variety of classroom settings including: mild/moderate special education, severe needs special education, English as a second language, deaf and hard of hearing, affective needs, and general education. She graduated with honors from Colorado Christian University with a B.S. in Biblical Studies and thereafter began her calling with at-risk youth. After traveling to Uganda with a non-profit organization, whose mission was educational development for poverty-stricken youth, and volunteering with at-risk children in Colorado, Sarah felt the calling to pursue teaching students with a range of educational needs. Sarah began her teaching career serving a dynamic group of students in an underserved population, while earning her M.Ed. in Special Education from Metropolitan State University. Connecting with students who are struggling to find motivation and purpose is the key factor driving her instruction and she brings this philosophy of education into every session with students.

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