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Success4Life Tutors:
Nigel Larcher.jpg

Mr. Nigel -  Brooklyn


Hello, I grew up Brownsville, East New York. Growing up in this neighborhood has taught me how to work hard, and never take anything for granted. This mindset has helped me to obtain a degree in Journalism, which has helped me to become an ESL teacher for 6 years, which was a very enjoyable experience.  Now, I am proud to be able to use my experience as a teacher to give back to my community as a Lead Tutor for Success4life. 


Mr. R - Brooklyn

Hello, I grew up in East New York, Brooklyn.  Facing many challenges as a youth in East New York, made me realize how important it is to make myself available for youths,  The struggles youths face today can be cared for with some love and assistance. Having a BA in Math and extensive teaching and tutoring experience has equipped me with the privilege to help the youth.  I enjoy this fulfilling work. It gives me great pleasure to give back to my community as a tutor and mentor for Success4life.


Ms. Sherri - Brooklyn

My name is Sherri. I graduated from the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College in New York City. I have a BA/MA in Math Education, Grades 7-12 and have privately tutored and taught in public schools for over 13 years. I think knowledge is power and exploring your potential is an adventure. I love to share my excitement about learning with my students while achieving our goal to further education. I’m looking forward to learning together with you! 

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Mr. Chris - Brooklyn


Hello, my name is Mr. Chris. Growing up on the West Coast, I have enjoyed exposure to a variety of cultures and backgrounds. This fostered my desire of studying advanced TESOL methodology and language acquisition. For over 18 years, I have dedicated myself to one-on-one tutoring. Mentoring and teaching all ages in developing educational and valuable life skills brings me joy. Now that I'm in New York, finding this opportunity of supporting the youth of our community has been exciting. I'm so happy to be a part of the impact Success4life has initiated. 

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Ms. T - Brooklyn

Hello I'm Ms. T . I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Biochemistry and certified in TESOL methodology . I come with more than  10 years experience in tutoring. There is joy in helping others reach their greatest potential.

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Mr. TJ - Brooklyn

My affinity for tutoring stems from a natural innate empathy for people that I strongly believe has the power to change the world. From being raised in the urban areas of Brooklyn, to my love of travel exposing me to countless cultures, idealogies, languages and even dialects, my past experience continues to aid my fundamental work of teaching. True empathy, understanding and patience are essential building blocks to every and any teacher-student relationship as they need to know we truly care. In fact, with a background of over 10 years teaching and a secular background in education, some would say that makes me the right candidate to motivate youth. However, not only do these actually youth motivate me but the privilege is really mine as I participate in Success4Life's effort to help students as they reach their goals.

Joshua Kim.jpg

Mr. Kim - Brooklyn

My passion to support youth development has led me to use my B.A in Communications to teach students how to think critically, communicate effectively and strategize for their future. I believe that patience and keen attention to the needs of each student is key to building excitement for personal growth. Experience as an educator within the NYDOE and 5 years as a private tutor has shown me the importance of teaching each youth how to adapt to their learning styles and gain confidence with learning strategies. I am honored to fuel the success of the youth in my community with Success4Life and strive to encourage a contagious desire to learn.



Ms. Kim - Brooklyn

Having worked all over New York with the Department of Education for over 6 years, I have cultivated a variety of methods that have helped my students become more skilled and confident in their abilities. It is my conviction that youths need someone to believe in them, which will give them the motivation to change their lives for the better. With patience and empathy, I endeavor to build positive mentoring relationships with youth so that it may ensue optimism and accomplishment within their educational experience. 


Mr. Darien - Brooklyn

I am currently finishing the last portion of my MA in Economics, where I've focused my research on the root causes of economic and social inequality. For the last two years, I've worked as a graduate assistant and tutor at CUNY. I received my GED in 2009. Without the help of others, I know that I would have been unable to complete my bachelors and masters. I am grateful for the chance to return the favor and use my professional and personal experience to guide students as they work towards achieving their own educational goals.


Ms. Catherine - Brooklyn

My name is Catherine and I am a native New Yorker. Passion for life and people, led me to my studies of Special Education and TESOL certification. I have had the pleasure of being a team leader and project managing in several industries including Retail, Construction, Hospitality and Education.


When an opportunity for a new adventure opened, to help others through volunteering and teaching abroad, I took it! Since then Puerto Rico has been my home base, yet travel has been a consistent feature of my journey.


Working with Success4life, I am dedicated to learning, educating, and inspiring all who i am surrounded by. My motto- “To know one life has breathed easier because you have lived…that is the meaning of success."



Ms. Anna - Brooklyn

I have been teaching in various capacities for more than 15 years, both privately (NYC) and in the public school system (Caribbean). I welcome the opportunity to work with Success4Life because of its drive to assist all students regardless of their circumstances or background. I strongly believe that good education should be available to all without bias. I work with any youth willing to learn, improve, set goals and attain them.


Ms. Nia - Brooklyn

Hello, my name is Nia! For 8 years, I’ve had the privilege in using my BA in psychology to accomplish much success with students that have special needs. This experience as a NYDOE educator has charged my desire to further my efforts to those who may be struggling in other aspects to reach their fullest potential. Working with these students has been such a rewarding experiencing. Mentoring, teaching, and nurturing their strong suits has brought me joy like no other. Every student deserves to be seen and to experience the fun in learning. I’m motivated to inspire all my students to feel this way with Success4life. 


Ms. Ashley - Brooklyn

Ms. Ashley has over 10 years of tutoring experience. She enjoys teaching and helping others. She has been involved in different community/neighborhood initiatives in Brooklyn. She looks forward to continuing to make a difference.



Ms. Lily - Brooklyn

Hi! My name is Ms. Lily. I am originally from Oregon, and I recently graduated college with a degree in Psychology and Societal Health. I am an enthusiastic and aspiring advocate for reform in the criminal justice system, and I have a demonstrated commitment to gender justice and racial equity. Accessibility to education is necessary for a community to thrive, and with proper education, people can gain opportunities and resources helpful to succeed. My passion is to be in a classroom and to educate people on topics that are not always accessible. Through S4L, I am able to work towards this passion! 


Mr. Omari - Brooklyn

My name is Omari and I am native New Yorker. I have been honored to be able serve as a Special Educator in New York City‘s Department of Education for 5 years. I believe building connections and rapport with students is my super power. Throughout the years in my pedagogical practice, it has been my aim to foster a safe and affirming educational environment where students and learn and feel seen.


Mrs. A - Brooklyn

Coming from a diverse cultural background helped me to pursue a career as an educator, mentor, and tutor for the past 22 years. In this role I've been able to provide empathetic and comprehensive support to students with a variety of needs from general -ed to special -ed in a private, public, and home-based setting. I've provided modified academic support and life skills through behavior therapy.  My main objective and goal is to be able to meet students where it is possible, to build their potential and help them acquire the skills to remove barriers that prevent growth. I'm a strong believer and live by values that have proven that when students are given the opportunity to improve in a safe and respectful environment they can soar and become successful individuals.



Mr. Radek - Brooklyn

I am an experienced Math and Science tutor, who has been helping students achieve academic success for over eight years. With a strong foundation in these subjects, I have a unique and personalized approach toward each student, helping them succeed from middle school to college. I understand that learning can be challenging, and I work to create a safe and comfortable environment where my students can ask questions and receive the guidance they need. I make learning fun and engaging, leaving my students feeling motivated and ready to conquer any challenge that comes their way. 


Ms. Kenza - Brooklyn

I am a recent college graduate from California with a BA in Political Science. I have a year of experience tutoring and mentoring adjudicated youth, and I additionally have four years of experience in teaching children math, science, and writing. It is imperative to recognize that the school environment (that is, class size, the classroom itself, dynamics, materials) is inextricably linked to the knowledge that stands to be gained. I work to create a comfortable, dynamic learning space where students can freely ask questions, request help, and receive any and all guidance. I strive to meet students where they are--daily, and in general--and work from there. All youths deserve a future full of opportunity, for youths are the future. As such, I am delighted to play a role in helping these students recognize their potentials and attain their goals. 

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